Finger-licking good Korean street food

The best-kept secret in Asian cuisine.

Full streets, steaming dishes, hungry people jostling to the stalls with delicious food: Korean street food is the best-kept secret in Asian cuisine. Unknown by the masses, but so deliciously finger licking good. Even just the flavours and aromas of the Korean stalls make your mouth water.

Tornado Potato, Hotteok, Pajeon & Ppopgi

Korean Bites has selected the most delicious spicy and sweet street food snacks for Dutch foodies.

From the whirling Tornado Potato, the sweetly spiced hotteok and the traditional ‘after school snack’, Ppopgi, you can now try these Korean flavour sensations yourself.

Tornado Potato

The various street foods are prepared according to the authentic recipes of the market traders in Korea.

The Korean bites are being introduced in an appetizing setting and with a slight Dutch twist.

How did Korean Bites originate?

Founder Eun Leij went back to her roots in South Korea for the first time in 2010.

Although she grew up eating traditional Dutch fare and loved stamppot (potato and veg mash) and pea soup, she discovered the surprisingly tasty Korean cuisine in her birth country. Her first visit was too short and her eyes were bigger than her stomach.

On her return home, she yearned for the delicious snacks from the streets of Seoul and Pusan.

When she couldn’t find them in the Netherlands, the entrepreneurial world traveller came to her own conclusion: together with a Korean chef, she is now introducing her favourite Korean bites to the market.

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